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The Rules Of Mixed Martial Arts

The sport of mixed martial arts, or MMA, has been around for a very long time. While modern MMA is still not typically known for its rules, the sport has in fact implemented several different kinds of rules. MMA now has different weight classes. There has recently been a time limit introduced for MMA fights. Although just about any sort of move is acceptable, there are certain prohibited moves. Fights can end in a few different ways, too.

MMA comes from a long tradition of competitive fighting. The modern form of MMA has evolved a great deal, especially as certain rules and regulations got adopted. Because of these rules, MMA is now considered more of a real sport, instead of being seen as simple brute, to the death fights.

The introduction of classes for weight is one of the concepts of modern MMA. As the sport grew in popularity, differences in weight became much larger factors. In MMA today, there are nine weight classes.

Time limits are new to the sport of MMA. In the past, fights would often drag on and on, while neither fighter would try to dominate. Since MMA is popular to watch on television, the sport has adopted a time limit for fights. This time limit makes it fit the television format more easily. For most fights, the limit is five minutes.

MMA has always been known for a minimalistic approach to rules. Because of this, just about any strike goes, with only a few exceptions. Groin strikes, finger bends, hair pulls, and eye gouging are not allowed. Sometimes elbow and knee strikes are banned, too. Head butts are also usually prohibited.

An MMA fight can end in a few different ways. The timer can run out, in which case the winner will be determined by judges' decisions. Fights can also end by a referee or a fight doctor calling it. Either corner can throw in a towel, too. Knockout and submission are also ways to end a fight.

Mixed Martial Arts has recently gained a lot of popularity across the globe. It is an entertaining sport to watch, and many people have become inspired to compete. If you would like to learn more about MMA fighting, then try searching online. The Internet is a great resource for more information about the rules and history of MMA, about where and when you can view fights, and also about how to get involved in the sport.

MMA Fight Coach

MMA Fight Coach